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Honokiol: Promising Anticancer Plant Compound

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are major culprits involved in poor health. They signal imbalances in the body such as low levels of antioxidants, poor diet, stress, and toxic overload. Over time, inflammation, free radical damage, and inadequate glucose control [...]

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Latest Research on Prostate Cancer:

Checking Testosterone Levels Matters For men, a diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary, unsettling, and far too common in the American population. There is ample reason for men, especially those 65 and older, to be checked regularly. According to the [...]

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Outwit Your Cravings

Are you frustrated every time you look down at the scale? Perhaps no matter how hard you try, you just can’t shed those extra pounds. While there are various reasons why some people lose weight more easily than others, metabolism [...]

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Protect Yourself From Radiation

Research shows that radiation exposure damages the human body in a way that resembles accelerated aging. With increasing exposure, radiation causes more damage to our cells. Although radiation exposure varies from person to person, everyone is virtually exposed to radiation [...]

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Feed the Gut: Prevent Disease

If the gut feeds and monitors our bodily functions, that’s reason enough to look at those supplements and foods that optimize our health by feeding our gut. Probiotics and prebiotics are a vital way to do just that. The USDA [...]

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Gene Linked to Heart Disease

Duke University researchers conducted a study in which a gene variant was linked to an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, the study showed that carriers of the gene, under stressful situations, released about twice the amount of cortisol. [...]

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