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About Gene Changer Wellness & Anti Aging Clinic

Gene Changer Wellness & Anti Aging Clinic is a revolutionary full-body wellness and rejuvenation center located in Manhattan. Our practice was founded in 2001, and we’ve helped 1000’s of men and women bring the youth and vitality back into their lives.

Our Vision

At Gene Changer Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic, we envision a future where every individual enjoys vibrant health and a fulfilling life, regardless of age. Our mission is to redefine aging through comprehensive, personalized care that integrates cutting-edge medical advancements with holistic wellness practices.

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Our Physicians

Meet Our Team Of Board Certified M.D.’s

Dr. Paul Adler - Founder / President

Dr. Paul Adler is the Founder of Gene Changer Wellness & Anti-Aging Clinic. He is a highly esteemed urologist with over 25 years of experience in the field. He received his medical degree from the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami in 1996, graduating with top honors. Since then, Dr. Adler has dedicated his career to providing exceptional care to patients with urological conditions.

dr. william hernandez

Dr. William Hernandez - Urologist

Dr. William Hernandez is a distinguished urologist with a strong background in both academic and clinical practice. He earned his medical degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine, where he also completed his residency. Dr. Hernandez is an active member of several professional organizations, including the American Urological Association and the Society of Urologic Oncology.

Dr. Betty Chung - Urologist

Dr. Betty Chung is a highly skilled urologist who earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She completed her residency at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. With a strong foundation in both academic and clinical practice, Dr. Carter specializes in a wide range of urological conditions.