If you think you know what you should be eating or what diseases are the worst of the lot, then check out my list of Genechanger food do’s and don’ts, as well as health tips.

  • Best food you probably think is bad but isn’t: butter
  • Worst food you probably think is good but isn’t: corn
  • Best food you have never heard of: seitan
  • Best food group most people overlook: enzyme-rich foods
  • Best foods you think you don’t like: fermented foods
  • Best food you thought you’d probably never try (but should): sprout grains and seeds
  • Best packaged snack: Go Raw’s organic live granola bars
  • Worst divisive conditions (those that cause cells to act against the interests of the body): obesitycancer
  • Best unifying conditions for health (those that cause cells to act in the best interests of the body): Following the meal and juicing recipes in my upcoming book, The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny With Diet and Lifestyle

My picks for “Best Food” choices: 

  1. Best oil for dips and dressing: olive
  2. Best oil for cooking: grapeseed
  3. Best nut: walnut
  4. Best fat: omega-3 fats
  5. Best carb: 100% whole grains
  6. Best snack: ecogenetic smoothies (You’ll find recipes throughout the book)
  7. Best protein: Alaskan wild salmon
  8. Best vegetarian protein: soy
  9. Biggest myth: dietary soy is bad if you have had breast cancer
  10. Best superfood: aloe vera
  11. Best spice: curry
  12. Best spirit: red wine (4 ounces)
  13. Best supplement: grapeseed extract
  14. Best detoxifier: rosemary
  15. Best anti-fat nutrient: CLA
  16. Best beverage: green tea
  17. Best nutrient you can’t get enough of: black raspberry powder
  18. Best pro-apoptotic nutrient: artichoke
  19. Best angiopreventive nutrient: ginger
  20. Best anti-inflammatory nutrient: garlic
  21. Best fruit: pomegranate
  22. Best vegetable juice: tomato
  23. Best vegetable: broccoli
  24. Best herb: bacopa
  25. Best sleep duration: seven to eight hours

If you incorporate these foods into your diet, avoid the worst foods you can consume (such as white sugar and white flour), and exercise frequently (at least 4 times per week, splitting your workout between weights and aerobic activity for a total of 45 minutes during each workout), then you’re on way to an ecogenetically-healthier you.

FoodScriptions for a Healthier You!

My upcoming book, The Gene Therapy Plan, explains how dietary phytochemicals in the right balance are an ecogenetic bioactive prescription to maintaining a healthy body weight and reducing the risk of cancer, premature aging, diabetes, and heart disease. However, they are not drugs. I provide a list of delicious recipes, as well as juice and smoothie drinks that you can use to consume these nutritious agents found at your grocery or natural food store. So, you’re probably wondering if these phytochemicals are expensive. It actually costs less to consume pure whole foods than it does to consume processed, artificially preserved ones! Plus, these whole foods also inhibit cancer development, the degenerative processes of aging, and heart disease. Therefore the recipes in The Gene Therapy Plan are “nature’s gene-changing prescriptions.”