My destiny, you could say, started with my own genes that, of course, came from my parents. Each of us has a gene destiny, a genetic predisposition that came at birth. This does not mean, however, that our genetic makeup is static. Far from it.

Like life itself, our genetic destiny is vibrant. It can be modified. It can be changed, and each of us can change it for the better, not only for our children, and ourselves, but for countless generations to come after us. Our very DNA can be optimized.

Outside forces like healthy food, targeted supplements, reducing stress, exercise, and lifestyle choices can positively affect our genetic makeup. Conversely, negative forces like stress, illness, environmental toxins and poor diet can destabilize and deteriorate our genetic structure. Think of your gene expression as a vibrant energy field in your body that changes constantly, depending on what forces, either positive or negative, affect it.

My job as a physician is to help guide your choices for genetic optimization.

In my case, the death of my mother from very aggressive breast cancer when I was 10 was a force that profoundly changed my life. My mother’s death charted my own destiny. When my mother died, I knew instantly that I wanted to alleviate suffering and optimize life. I became an oncologist, as did my younger brother, and for the last 30 years, I have dedicated my practice to empowering each of my patients to work with me as a team to build a longer life, a stronger life, and a life enriched on every level. My patients have noted that I always say “we” when referring to their care.

My message is simple – and it is a revolutionary approach to healing:
The body is not static. Destiny is not fixed.

Welcome to our website where you will find simple solutions for a profound new life of health and harmony. New columns, guided meditations, latest scientific studies, tips and video talks will be added each month.

And everything here is free. No gimmicks. No need to purchase anything.

Simply follow my suggestions – all are supported by science – and you can change your own gene expression. Your destiny, literally, is in your own hands.

My Gene Changer Programs are simply the next step in evolutionary health optimization.

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