Gene Changer Formula For Reversing Effects Of Stress On Genes

9 Simple Steps to Invigorate Your Morning Routine

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel refreshed? Alert? Revitalized? If not, then according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you’re among 50 to 70 million Americans who suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep comprises four stages that each take 90 minutes to complete. During each sleep cycle, certain hormones, neurotransmitters, [...]

The Best and Worst Genechangers

If you think you know what you should be eating or what diseases are the worst of the lot, then check out my list of Genechanger food do's and don'ts, as well as health tips. Best food you probably think is bad but isn't: butter Worst food you probably think is good but isn't: corn Best [...]

11 Foods to Boost Memory and Mood

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 25% of adult Americans experience a form of mental illness each year. Also, memory loss is a frequent complaint that often seems to accompany aging, just like sagging skin and gray hair. And this rising epidemic isn't just a problem in the United States. According to the World [...]

Practical Tips from The Gene Therapy Plan

Practical Tips from The Gene Therapy Plan The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny With Diet and Lifestyle has taken the #1 spot in Amazon's Genetic Health category—over a month before its April release! Pre-order today to be sure that you receive your copy of the first printing of this revolutionary new [...]

The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Clink! That's the sound that you're bound to hear throughout the rest of this holiday season—the sound of family members and friends at parties filling up their glasses with red wine and saying "Cheers!" and "Happy New Year!" Drinking red wine while celebrating is a tradition that can offer certain health benefits—when done in moderation, [...]


The Gift of Calm for the Holidays Not only does stress feel awful, it can power up during the holidays and unravel relationships—and your health—now, and into the future. With the wave of yoga and mindfulness popularity sweeping the country, the holidays, especially, are a good time to put meditation to work in our daily [...]

Older Men: Cut Stress and Live Longer

The health of older men is particularly vulnerable to stressors, according to a recent study. Researchers at Oregon State University have suggested that stressors could actually contribute to a shorter life. Some of the stressors they studied may, on the surface, appear to be just a natural part of a modern life. I always point [...]