Gene Changer Formula For Reversing Cancer Risk

Berrylicious Smoothie

Serves 2 Tis the season for fresh, juicy berries of all varieties, and fresh berries just happen to be the alphas of anti-oxidant power. They kill free radicals with ease, thus strengthening your immune system and helping to fight inflammation. Smoothies are also one of the easiest ways to power your day – and your [...]

Cilantro Kale Soup

Serves 2  Gone are the days when hot soups were the only soups. Now you get to choose. In this case, kale is the uber health defense against heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Your body and future health will thank you. It’s the Genechanger way. 1 cup kale, slivered 4 cups organic vegetable broth ½ [...]

Cancer-Blocking Foods

Cancer, like most chronic diseases, has both internal (genetic) and external (environmental factors) components that trigger disease onset. A great deal of research is dedicated to the eradication of cancer. It is a complex disease that affects different organs in the body by hiding from the immune system. The body is constantly under attack by [...]

Glutathione And Cancer Cell Death

One in three Americans will develop cancer. But a growing body of evidence shows that one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime and that cancer will outrun heart disease as the top killer of Americans. The common treatments for cancer include surgery, drugs, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. And for those who have [...]

Combating Cancer: The Choices We Make

If approximately five percent of all cancers can be linked to genetic inheritance, the remaining 95 percent of causative factors must be considered carefully. What we expose ourselves to in the environment, the stress levels we allow, and, critically important, the foods that we eat are all controllable factors. We can optimize them for the [...]

Conjugated Linoleic Acid: A Cancer-Fighting Nutrient

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a natural fatty acid, and it’s an isomer of linoleic acid, which is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fat. A study published in Nutrition and Cancer showed that women with the highest CLA levels had significantly lower rates of breast cancer. So what food sources contain CLA? Dietary sources of CLA are [...]

Fend Off Cancer with Genechanging Foods

Most people are surprised to learn that by the time they reach their 20s they already have dormant cancer cells in their bodies. How is that possible? Well, cancer stem cells gradually grow and the aggressive forms tend to cloak themselves to avoid immune detection. Cancer cells also divide uncontrollably and fail to die (apoptosis) [...]

Sugar: Myths Vs. Facts

When sugar is being processed properly, it is stored in the fat and muscle cells to be used as a primary energy source. But this processing mechanism can break down for a number of reasons. The main mode of disorder is insulin resistance or insensitivity. Insulin insensitivity occurs when the cells of the body no [...]

Diet, Exercise, and Cancer

How Caloric Restriction and Physical Activity Affect Cancer In my new book, The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle, which will be published on April 21 by Viking, there’s a chapter in which I make recommendations about anticancer nutrients that are found in beverages like green tea (EGCG), [...]

4 Cancer-Crushing Nutrients

Cancer affects one out of three people, is the second leading cause of death in the US, and is expected to replace heart disease as the No. 1 killer of Americans by 2030. Although these cancer statistics are grim, the truth of the matter is we can do something to prevent the rise of cancer [...]