Obesity is an epidemic that contributes to more than just growing waistlines. Obesity contributes to the pathology of other chronic diseases like heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cancer. In The Gene Therapy Plan, I explain how the Western diet, which is packed with processed and refined foods, promotes inflammation and grows abnormal blood vessels (angiogenesis). Angiogenesis is a natural process; however, abnormal angiogenesis creates aberrant blood vessels that nourish fat cells. In the book, you’ll also learn about hunger hormones and insulin sensitivity and why dieting (no matter how many times you try it) doesn’t help you keep off the weight, in the long run. To prevent and reverse obesity, eat fruits like apples and acai berry; they contain phytocompounds that block abnormal angiogenesis. Also it’s important to eat foods that are high in fiber, so you’ll feel fuller longer. Watch the video to learn about more healthful foods that fight obesity on a genetic level to control hunger and prevent obesity.